Ultimate Travel Photo & Video Course: Volume 1

Shoot and edit profitable travel photos and videos with your smartphone.

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In this first volume of the 'Ultimate Travel Photography and Video' masterclass, you will taken behind the scenes with a pro adventure travel photographer who explains how he gets the original and valuable shots that tourist photographers fail to see.


  1. Travel light
  2. Get lost
  3. Challenge yourself
  4. Connect the shots
  5. Be a people watcher
  6. Be safe
  7. Film in manual mode
  8. Wake up early
  9. Stay out late
  10. Play with time
  11. Speed ramping
  12. Remain curious
  13. Ditch the group
  14. Embrace strangeness
  15. Chase the light
  16. Take a hike
  17. Tell a story
  18. Plan ahead
  19. Anticipate action
  20. Talk to people
"The only way I know how to discover the rhythm of life in a place is to experience it with all of my senses and then document that feeling with my lens." - Robb Montgomery

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the technical aspects of photography or fall prey to camera envy that suggests 'I could be a pro, if only had I had THAT gear." 

Pros are judged by their work, not the tools that help produce it. And pros get paid to film and edit: so we are also including guidance in this area as part of the course.  

Every travel photo pro will tell you that the best piece of gear they carry is their eyes (and a brain that is tuned to observations that others often miss).

They know how to get the 'money shot' and to also film scenes that can be sold to people who are happy to pay for the shots that result from a pro's approach to travel filming.

In this course you will see practical, real world examples that back up the fact that great photography and travel videos are are a result of the photographer's approach to new environments, and a knack for getting the most of every situation. 

To prove the point, these lessons feature professional images and scenes that have been captured with a smartphone. This is intentional.

Shooting advice is easy to give and many of the common themes are best supported by having the pro instructor show you exactly all the things that went into getting that great moment or visual sequence.

Not in someone else's work. but in their own. What went right, what went wrong. What were the problems to solve and how did they get sorted?

We show you what goes into  the planning, the anticipation, and the willingness to venture outside comfort zones.

That's the secret knowledge worth exploring in this series.

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Travel photo pros will tell you "Don't eat where the tourists do, but where you see locals. Just set off down a street and see where it leads. Look around the bends, over the rises. Get away from the crowd."

In this course, you will see what lies just beyond the edges when you drift away from the tourists and tourist sites, away from what is too familiar and comfortable.

It may help to think of this as a course that guide to be an expert in photo hunting.

Whenever a pro photographer leaves the confines of his camp, he is ready and able to capture whatever pops up —and now you will be too,

"Get closer, then get closer still. Try different angles, different lenses."
This course goes far deeper than the cliche advice found in free tutorials.

Instead we will learn to wait for the light, build a moment, embrace bad weather, and explore strange new situations.

We are never be in a hurry to get somewhere else, if where we are is or will be the place to be to capture a piece of magic in our frame.

This course is a masterclass in showing you how to do exactly all of these things.

For fun and for profit!.

Intended Audience: Photographers, Adventurers, Travel guides, Students, teachers, students, travel agency, tourism board, vacation, holiday, travel, trip

Course Curriculum

Meet @VideoJournalist
Travel light
Are you an engineer or an artist?
What do you mean by "video?"
Get Lost
Challenge yourself
Connect the shots
Be a people watcher
Be safe
Film in Manual mode
Wake up early
Stay out late
Play with time
Speed ramping
Remain curious
Ditch the group
Embrace strangeness
Chase the light
Take a hike
Tell a story
Plan ahead
Anticipate Action
Talk to people
Top Freelance video opportunities
Business and Corporate Videos
Demonstration videos
Tutorial videos
Sell Footage to Agencies
Personal greetings
Photography, Cinemagraphs and Still Imagery
Speed Drawing and food-lapse recipes

Robb Montgomery


Robb Montgomery is a bestselling author for Smartphone filmmaking, Design Thinking, and Mobile Journalism.

He is the director of the Smart Film School and is a professor at EFJ [Paris] & FHWien [Vienna] schools of journalism where he teaches Mobile Reporting and leads Design Thinking research projects.

These online certificate courses are used by reporters at CNN, The New York Times, Reuters, BBC, RTÉ Ireland TV, and many public broadcasters like VRT in Belgium and Mediacorp in Singapore. 

Montgomery previously served as an editorial art director for the Chicago Tribune, Page One editor for the Chicago-Sun-Times, and has redesigned several major newspapers including the Chicago Sun Times and the San Francisco Examiner.

Montgomery was elected as a "Storyteller in Residence" for the Ashoka Foundation in 2015.