Smart Film Book - Chapter videos

Video companion to the book by Robb Montgomery.

This online course pack contains the video examples that are referenced in the book by Robb Montgomery.

The textbook will be published by Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group) and here you will find a link to the order form when it is released for sale.

This book is designed to help you quickly master the techniques for making great short-form video content with your smartphone.

The chapters are organized around commonly-used story themes and include mini-tutorials that introduce the key principles of filmmaking.

Each chapter includes online video examples of each story form and takes you behind the lens where you will learn:

  • The key elements for each story form
  • Pre-production planning
  • Storyboarding
  • How to film the shots
  • How to edit the footage into a story
  • The ethics and challenges
  • How to use mobile video apps

By the time you complete the included practice filming exercises, you will be familiar with the building blocks and processes for planning, filming and editing a wide range of video stories with a smartphone.

The example videos discussed in each chapter are available for readers in this free, online companion course hosted by the Smart Film School. »

You will learn how to:
  • Film and edit broadcast quality video
  • Quickly produce video stories for social media
  • Select the right apps and gear
  • Produce a portfolio of visual stories
  • Make high-quality video interviews
  • Write and record a great script
  • Broadcast a live video report

This book is for anybody who wants to make make video stories with a smartphone.

This includes:
  • Classroom teachers, media instructors and communications students who are looking for a project approach to learn the best practices and behaviors for social video.
  • Journalists who need to produce short-form video for social media platforms.
  • Social media professionals who want to make video content with a smartphone.

Non-fiction storytelling
The story examples in this book flow from Montgomery’s experience as a journalist and journalism professor. He produces non-fiction videos and the ethics and challenges of genuine, fact-based visual storytelling are ingrained into these examples.

A big electronics show in Berlin
Video profile in Singapore
Vertical video in Paris
Olya in Liviv
BILD: No news photos in the newspaper?
Unboxing a Beastgrip Pro and Moondog Labs lens
What is inside Egypt's
By the Numbers
BBC - An avalanche of ethics
Salad - Shoot and edit a recipe
Make a title card sequence
Assemble a video postcard
A studio approach to food shots
Newsmakers in Perugia
The innovators
Breaking news - Fire
Live studio gear test
Am I Awake?
Making of 'The ABC song'
360 Surf School
360 camel ride
5 tips for filming in 360°
Flamingo sunrise
Ocean Waves
Personal appeal - Online instructor pitch
Promoting a business - Pottery making lessons
IFA Electronics Show
A Hyperlapse tour

What's included

  • 24 Video Lessons
  • 4 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Robb Montgomery


Robb Montgomery is a bestselling author for Smartphone filmmaking, Design Thinking, and Mobile Journalism.

He is the director of the Smart Film School and is a professor at EFJ [Paris] & FHWien [Vienna] schools of journalism where he teaches Mobile Reporting and leads Design Thinking research projects.

Montgomery served as a senior editor in two Pulitzer Prize winning newsrooms and was awarded the Lisagor prize for his work with investigative reporting teams uncovering government corruption in Chicago.

He resides in Berlin and travels the world as a professor, consultant and avid outdoorsman.