Edit 360° VR mobile video with LumaFusion app

Shoot, edit and share 360 videos with the LumaFusion app for iOS.

It is now possible to edit 360° VR videos on your iOS device and this course walks through every step.

No laptop required!

Filming and editing 360° VR videos is now easier than ever before. If you have a Ricoh Theta or similar 360 cam, you can edit and share professional looking 360 VR videos on YouTube and Facebook.

The apps can be confusing and complicated to use, so I show you the time-saving workflow and methods pros use to edit 360 VR videos.

Intended Audience: students, photographers, videographers, travelers, filmmakers, teachers, reporters, storytellers

Introduction and 360° video examples
5 tips for making great 360° images
Spherical and ER formats
Shooting with a 360° camera
Filming with the Theta app
360* cameras for smartphones
Transfer videos
Make an album
Settings for a 360° video project
Starting a video project
Add clips to timeline
Trim and arrange clips
Add cutaway tracks
Audio: Fade in and fade out
Adding royalty free music
Add text overlays
Export movie settings and sharing to social media
Output settings
First look: Røde VideoMic Soundfield
Which 360° VR video camera should you use to produce live videos?
The photo edit
Build the project
Global settings
Making transitions
Royalty free music
Add logos and titles
Build a mult-layer text overlay
Animate text overlays

What's included

  • 20 Video Lessons
  • 9 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Robb Montgomery


Robb Montgomery is a bestselling author for Smartphone filmmaking, Design Thinking, and Mobile Journalism.

He is the director of the Smart Film School and is a professor at EFJ [Paris] & FHWien [Vienna] schools of journalism where he teaches Mobile Reporting and leads Design Thinking research projects.

Montgomery served as a senior editor in two Pulitzer Prize winning newsrooms and was awarded the Lisagor prize for his work with investigative reporting teams uncovering government corruption in Chicago.

He resides in Berlin and travels the world as a professor, consultant and avid outdoorsman.